The Cribber team is one month out from the end of the PlusEight (muru-D) accelerator program. As we count down to the September 6 demo day, we felt like touching on a major program highlight, our trip to San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. Jasmin and I met with some amazing entrepreneurs, companies and venture capitalists. Meeting the likes of Adeo Ressi from Founder Institute, Sean Ellis from Growth Hackers and Adam Nelson from Social Capital, which was inspiring, informative and eventful.

Plus Eight Cohort with Sean Ellis

Perhaps some of the best learnings were gained when speaking to Aussie entrepreneurs done good, like Peter Grant and David Fontain from Safesite. Peter and David are muru-D alumni working in a similar industry to Cribber, who have successfully gained traction, a foothold and venture capital funding in the US. They were really forthcoming and helpful in sharing their experiences and advice on acquiring customers and building an international team having gone through the same stage of business that we are currently in.

All Work, No Play

All the while it was all work, no play for Cribber’s CTO, Stacy. He was back home in Perth making code improvements to make the Cribber platform much more usable, scalable and stable. Many of the learnings from SF directly fed into our product roadmap including the way we have enhanced the way new users interact with and gain value from the product the minute they start using it.

Key Cribber Updates

Onboarding Bulletins

We’ve adding onboarding or welcome bulletins for each team. By adding your own custom bulletins, each new member to your team will receive the info they need as soon as they join. Think things like a warm welcome message, worksite layouts and key contacts, or information and rules about flights and accommodation.

Detailed Grouping

Teams were always just the first step in how you send out bulletins, we’ve now introduced a second, infinite layer called groups. Groups allow you to get super targeted with your bulletin distribution. A team member can be associated with as many groups as you like. Think things like: supervisors, HSE advisors, specific areas, contractors, shifts etc.

First Use Improvements

We know when you start using any new piece of software there is a learning curve. We wanted to make this as simple as possible, so we’ve introduced an initial setup tour. This will guide you through creating a team, adding users and sending your first bulletin. We’ve also introduced helpful hints and tips through our new messenger at the bottom right of the screen. You can contact us through this whenever you get stuck.

Improved User Interface

What’s probably the most exciting for me is that we’ve started to revamp our user interface (UI) to make it: a) more visually appealing, and b) more intuitive to use. This is just a first step, but marks a significant improvement in how easy it is to communicate with your teams.

Cribber's flat UI

More to Come

Stay tuned as we add further enhancements as we race towards demo day (Sept 6) and beyond.

In the spirit of good communication and transparency these will include: team member feedback, video support, and secondary communication channel integrations.

On top of this we’ll be creating a ton of supporting information to make communicating with your teams not only more assured and effective, but also ‘world class’ without any extra time or effort.

If you’d like to find our more about what we’re building please get in touch, you know where to find us. Cheers.