We’re excited about Cribber’s new sleek website and admin interface. It provides a more simplified and intuitive way for our admin users to interact with our software and their teams.

Specific things that we’ve changed/added/updated:

  • Consolidated newsfeed screen with bulletins and team lists
  • Display of bulletin content and preview of attachments
  • Removed sidebar and big header/leader (what were we thinking?!)
  • Two click bulletin sending
  • SMS sending to team members who don’t have the Cribber app
  • Pinned bulletins for easy access to important info
  • Updated cribber.com main site

Also in the latest update we make the admin site super easy to use on your iPhone or iPad. The fully responsive site, now behaves more like a native app. Add the website to your home screen by tapping the share icon for easy access. You can now send bulletins with attachments and manage your teams when out in the field!

Web App iPhone

What can we expect in the next update? A really cool ‘Live Mode’ where you can share your bulletin feed on the big screen! Perfect for the project/site main office.

A big shout out to Ross and the product team for the great progress. We’re excited to see the team’s next big ideas come to reality. Also, a big shout out to Jory and Co for the web design changes!

If you have requests for features you’d like to see added to Cribber, please send them in and we’ll add them to the backlog!