A happy new year brings happy new features!

The Cribber Team hopes you had a wonderful break over the holiday season and are ready and raring to go for 2017.

We’ve been extremely busy over the past month cutting, dicing and adding to our code to improve our product. The result is three very important improvements to Cribber, which will improve our service to you.

These features are a direct result from our conversations with you. These conversations are so important to us so please keep the info coming through. Continuous improvement is at the heart of our mission, to improve workforce engagement and safety through effective communication.

Please read on to find out what we’ve built for you.

Cheers, The Cribber Team.

Digital Signatures

Sick and tired of chasing sign on sheets, which are often illegible and difficult to scan for your records? We’ve automated this entire process. When you send out an important message, new procedure or critical update you can request a digital signature from your team. They’ll be signing a legally binding agreement that they have read, understood and agree to comply with the information communicated to them. 

All this information is available as it happens, is securely stored in the cloud and is a rock solid record of your OSH communication.

To see the nuts and bolts of how we do this check out our Digital Signature Guide.

Polls, Surveys and Scored Tests

Building on the digital signature feature we wanted to incorporate an easy way for you to receive feedback from your team. We decided the best way to do this was to integrate with one of our favourite third party services - Typeform.com.

We now allow you to easily send out polls, surveys and tests that your team members can complete on their mobile using the Cribber app. This could be used for any manner of applications. Such as, written feedback on a new procedure, selecting the next social event, scored tests following inductions, general knowledge checks or a weekly trivia quiz. The options for how you can use this integration are endless, so crank up the creativity and try it out.

As above, to see the gory bits, check out our Surveys and Tests Guide

iPhone with Survey Question

Team Passcodes

Finally, we’ve introduced a simple but effective extra layer of security for your information. You can now optionally select a team passcode, that your users will need to enter when you invite them to your team(s).

This is for that rare case when you might enter a mobile number incorrectly when inviting a team member and will stop an unauthorised person from receiving your precious bulletins!