You wake up in the morning to an inbox flooded with emails.

You’re not surprised – updates from corporate, HR, health and safety are always delivered the same way.

Your eyes glaze over as you skim for the important messages.

As we’re getting more connected than ever, the challenge for managers in 2017 is to keep employees engaged, and to re-engage the 85% of employees who’ve already disengaged.

It’s time to get creative.

Check out our best ideas on how to give your employees a blast of energy.

1. Seek Involvement

Instead of always telling, showing and directing employees, you should include and involve them.

Senior management regularly think they know what employees want and need, however they are often too far removed and out of touch.

Involve your employees by asking for their opinions, feedback, and ideas.

Whether it’s deciding what software to implement, setting strategic direction or allocating resources when planning for the year, The power of crowdsourcing ideas allows you to understand what’s important to your employees. Boosting morale, as they feel valued.

2. Radical Honesty

Billionaire Ray Dalio, who founded the biggest hedge fund in the world out of his apartment, coined the term radical transparency which empowers employees to say what they really think.

One of my favourite examples of this was when Uber’s new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, addresses Uber employees for the first time at the company all-hands meeting.

Although this is a brilliant demonstration of radical honesty, there are 2 things that really stand out to me in his 10-minute speech.

In the first 2 minutes of his address, he admits to every Uber employee that he didn’t think he would get the role of CEO when he applied. This shows his employees he not only values honesty, but vulnerability too.

He then goes on to tell his new employees what to expect from him:

“I’m going to be totally transparent with you… completely straight and authentic. Hopefully that will allow me to deserve the same right back from you”.

In order to channel radical honesty in your organisation, start with a frequent all-hands meeting. Add an open Q&A where there’s nothing off limits for employees to ask, and ensure you’re transparent with your answers, they’ll know if you’re not.

Dara Khosrowshahi addressing Uber employees Photo credit: Uber Newsroom

3. Change The Location

Change it up. Get outside. Anything to avoid another meeting in the stuffy boardroom.

Some of the most memorable meetings I had with my team were at coffee shops. It provided a neutral location away from the office, allowing people to be freer and more open with their opinions and ideas.

Recently, we’ve also seen the rise of the ‘walking meeting’. It’s shown to increase creative thinking, honesty, focus, and be more productive than sit-down meetings.

Walking meetings work best when you have a small group (a walking meeting with 6+ people can lose effectiveness) and when you’re evaluating a decision or problem solving.

Give it a try, initiate a walking meeting today!

4. Use Different Technologies

There are a range of technologies to help re-energise the workplace, so many that it will require a separate blog post. But for now, let’s talk about a specific method that’s getting a lot of hype – gamification.

Companies use gamification to make the boring and tricky tasks exciting and rewarding, all by using our psychological tendencies to engage with games and competition.

You may have already experienced gamification when doing interactive e-learning training, where you get points for answering questions correctly.

Nowadays, companies are getting more creative, and using gamification to create organisation wide behavioural change. For instance, getting employees to adopt a new process, goal tracking or increasing safety outcomes.

By increasing the enjoyment of tasks that usually require an email update or to re-read a procedure on the intranet, employees are more likely to retain the content from learning-by-doing and simultaneously have fun. Win-win!

5. Use data

If you are going to change up communication with technology, it’s critical that you’re measuring results.

There’s no use implementing software if you don’t measure whether it’s helping improve organisation engagement rates.

At Cribber, we make this process extremely simple by giving you real-time statistics on who has engaged with the messages you’ve sent.

iPad with Cribber Stats

This means you can continuously improve your messages to see what information your employees are really getting energised by.

Do they love the project progress updates? Community news? Or Recognition of their team members. Keep measuring, to see what messages work best.

It’s your turn

Adopt these strategies to get the message across and give your employees a kick of energy and inspiration.

Remember, creative over mundane, unique over standard.

Let us know which creative communication strategy is your favourite, in the comments below.