Effective worksite communication is critical to safety, quality, schedule and cost performance. Research by the PMI (Project Management Institute) indicates that 50% of unsuccessful projects can be attributed to ineffective communication. They also show that 76% of projects with good communication complete within budget, while projects with poor communication meet their budget just 48% of the time.

It makes financial sense for worksites to invest in good communication practices. The foundation of which is a well-defined communication plan identifying what information is shared, with whom and through what medium. Often left out of these plans is how information will be shared with the frontline workforce. Effective communication with the workforce is crucial and is where significant improvements in productivity and safety performance can be realised, rewarding companies and worksites with real improvements to their bottom line.

That said most worksites employ admin intensive, ineffective means for communication with their workforce. Most notably through the antiquated crib room noticeboards and “dry” morning pre-start meetings. Cribber breaks down the administration burden, reduces unnecessary printing, all the while improving transparency and communication effectiveness. Real time communication with the entire workforce using Cribber will save your worksite direct costs such as printing and admin time, and boost productivity. By improving communication effectiveness you can improve the level of employee engagement on your worksite. Doing so will help improve productivity and reduce employee turnover and safety incidents, further improving your cost performance and competitive advantage.

Research by Towers Watson shows that companies that have highly effective communication practices are 1.7 times likely to outperform their peers financially. Moreover, research by PWC for the Headsup Alliance shows an average return of $2.30 on every $1 spent on creating a mentally healthy workplace. Greater transparency, more effective communication and investing in your people really does make good financial sense.

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