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Delivered and Acknowledged

Cribber simplifies important workforce communication,

with a full audit trail for complete peace of mind.

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Take control

of your communication

Confused communication

How it works...

Manage your teams


Invite everyone to join your Cribber team. That includes employees, contractors, stakeholders and visitors. All you need is their mobile no.

Broadcast bulletins


Send bulletins and attachments direct to their phone. Include attachments such as photos and documents, or links to websites, videos and surveys/tests.

Analyse results and reports


You'll hit 100% compliance in no time. No more scanning of messy sign on sheets. Compliance reports are automatically delivered to your inbox.

Jake Offshore

Cribber's great. I get all the critical info I need right on my phone and iPad instantly. I used to have to read this stuff on the noticeboard in the mess.


Subsea Engineer, Major Oil and Gas Contractor

iPhone Acknowledge

Simple team communication,

assurance and compliance

Need to know your employees have got the message?

Forget chasing signatures and scanning sign-on sheets.

We do the hard work, chasing down your employees to ensure they receive and acknowledge what's important.

With all records stored in the cloud.

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Ready to communicate with complete peace of mind?

Join us and communicate with a full audit trail, across multiple channels.

30 mins and no obligation.

Your team's own

mobile newsfeed

"This week's safety toolbox is on working from heights"

"Congrats to John from Subsea for receiving this month's reward and recognition prize"

"No work today, torrential rain across site."

"Christmas party Friday, sweet!"

"Here's some info on last week's dropped object near miss."

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Cribber Newsfeed on an iMac
Cribber on Sumsung and iPhone

Promote feedback

and idea generation

With an open channel for your team to communicate with you. You'll receive realtime feedback on how you're going, without the noise.

Solicit great content from your employees and share with the wider community. Crowd-sourced worksite updates, that really connect with your audience!

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How we help you...

Go Paperless

Paperless onboarding

Onboard new staff on a new level using their mobile phone. Use engaging and rich content right from time of hire, so they hit the ground running.

Save Cash

Save time & money

Automate the process of communicating safety info with your entire worksite. All for the price of a monthly newsletter.

Easy to Use

Communication compliance

Ensure staff read and acknowledge safety notifications and important announcements. Export compliance reports for your records.


Employee Engagement

It’s a fact - engaged employees are more safe, productive and healthy. Provide an uplifting work environment and sense of community with team events and recognition for a job well done.

Employee Engagement

Feedback & analysis

Send out surveys, forms and tests to measure employee engagement and knowledge retention. View communication trends over time.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Fire, cyclone, lightening, earthquake, global warming? Whatever the crisis keep the entire team informed every step of the way.

Your industry covered...





Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas



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